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Gorrilatee was born with the motto “Fashion is the maximum expression of each person’s personality”, so Gorrilatee has a very clear goal to serve every customer in the way that customers want the most. Another goal is to become one of the world’s leading prestigious online fashion shopping sites. Here you can shop online for fashion products easily, quickly, most prestigious and trendy. Gorrilatee will meet all your online fashion shopping needs at any time that customers need




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Creativity in service

Besides, the Gorrilatee brand always attaches importance to service quality and constantly improves to bring the best values to customers. Gorrilatee always trains to raise awareness for staff about brand knowledge, products, service attitude… and once a certain understanding is achieved, employees will be more creative in the sales process. and customer service. Gorrilatee ensures products arrive to customers in the best condition, and always conducts customer surveys on satisfaction with products and services to continuously improve quality and programs. gratitude program for customers. With 5 gold standards set by the company such as providing reliable products and services, enthusiastically responding to customers’ needs, being proficient in fashion consulting, always empathizing with customers and sincerely thanking customers. For customers, Gorrilatee not only ensures the word “credibility”, customer satisfaction but also shows superiority compared to competitors.

Core Values

To achieve success, each of us needs to have the right goals throughout the road we have been, are going and will go. Gorrilatee clearly defines the core value of the Brand as Bringing functionality and comfort, maximum utility to the wearer along with real value in each product.
Therefore, Gorrilatee always upholds the following factors: Design, features as well as suitable and safe materials for the wearer; The match between the selling price and the use value of the product.


Professional, dedicated and honest staff.
Customer Service and Consulting.
Brand Identity Department.
Video and photo department.
Delivery department.

Our goal

Products – Quality – Prestige – Professionalism.
Continue to become the leading retail website.
Expand sales to all over the world.
Give customers peace of mind and satisfaction when shopping at home.
Constantly searching and updating clothing models, hot trends in the market to meet the needs of customers.

We are committed

Reasonable prices, enthusiastic advice.
Fast shipping.
Attentive after-sales.
Many attractive promotions.
The best place to provide information and product advice to customers.
Potential partners and reputation of suppliers.

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